• About the Brand

    100% clean always

    all-natural, sustainable


    inspired by a fragrance allergy

    hand-poured in small batches

  • Our Pledge

    no paraffins or parabens

    no synthetic fragrances

    prop 65 compliant

    ethically sourced materials

    time-tested process

    every product is UNIQUELY 1 of 1

  • Customer Benefits



    lead + zinc-free wicks

    toxin and MI-free fragrance

    premium ingredients

  • About the Maker/Owner

    tampa based

    mom of two

    methylisothiazolinone allergy

    fragrance + preservative allergy

    lover of candles, lotions, soaps

  • Fast Facts About Our Owner, Jordan

    favorite scent: canarie's the vitality

    cities: tampa FL, stowe VT, berlin GER

    pets: 1 dog (pit boxer) and 2 cats

    background: filipino + english

    goal: spread awareness of MI

Handpoured in small batches

We're all about quality over quantity. That means, each batch that we pour is meticulously handpoured, stirred, and rested and cured for optimal scent throw when you go to light. Whether you're enjoying yourself, or gifting to your loved one, Canarie's candles give piece of mind for those looking for a 100% soy, clean fragrance with no synthetics safe for kids, pets, and loved ones everywhere.

Thanks for your support. xx Jordan

Our Story

Developed after our owner was diagnosed with an allergy triggered by most of the mass commercial candles and scents with really awful ingredients and preservatives in them. Not willing to sacrifice having an amazing smelling home, Canarie was created to allow those who may be looking for a clean fragrance alternative that's truly clean for those who need it most. Our goal is to help those living with scent sensitivity or allergy to be able to reincorporate home fragrance back into their lives.

We can promise you that each of our scents have been blended using clean fragrance oils that have been inspected rigorously by our owner to be MI free. at canarie, we're anti greenwashing because we know how important it can be to find allergy conscious home fragrance options for those living with preservative allergies. products free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, silicones, and even those marketed as organic can include the EU banned Methylisothiazolinone allergy. canarie is amplifying the prevalent occurence of the toxic dermatitis allergen that is MI and how disruptive it is to our bodies.