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an astrology scent collection that's clean and serves the notes that each astrology sign gravitate towards. our exclusively curated zodiac collection offers the scents that will ground your sun, moon, and rising sign.

presenting the destination collection

this summer, we're transporting you to fourteen of the most iconic destination spots through the most luxurious scent formula we've ever blended and poured. unique scents and dupe scents represent some of the most notorious cities, attractions, and resorts that you've come to know and love. this meaningful collection was developed to bring you directly to the vacation spot via two cubes of our 100% soy, mi-free fragrance oil blend. scents range from sultry, sweet, fresh, earthy, and floral. fall in love with canarie's new destination collection today. we can't wait to hear about your new favorite vacation spot!

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  • Allison

    15/10! The Ginger Snap candle is the perfect fall scent! My package arrived quickly and was so thoughtfully packed. As soon as I lit the candle my whole house was smelling amazing! This will definitely be the new fall staple scent in my home and I cannot wait to see what scents they have coming for the holidays. Will definitely be ordering more!

  • Sam

    Absolutely LOVE canarie! Jordan is so sweet and the scents are amazing. I always grab their wax melts. The scents fill a room and I love that they are clean.

  • Kate-Lynn

    Jordan always delivers! From the beautiful packaging, to the careful shipping, to the INCREDIBLE scents. Love Canarie Tampa candles, and also love that they’re free of toxins, keeping my home clean. Thank you! ❤️

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